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BCSA’s MP ‘meet and greet’ event at the House of Commons – 8 June 2022

The BCSA was delighted to host its first House of Commons meet and greet event on the 8 June 2022.

11 local MPs with an interest in the constructional steelwork sector were invited to join some of our members from across the UK for a light lunch and networking event.

Jacob Young MP hosted the event, whose constituency Redcar and Cleveland is in the heart of steelwork country. Other MPs who attended included; Sir Graham Brady, Sir Robert Goodwill, Holly-Mumby Croft and Holly Lynch.

Jacob Young opened the event with some very positive messages about the constructional steelwork industry; “It was a pleasure to speak at the drop in lunch to celebrate the many achievements of, and contributions by, the steelwork sector in the UK. It is one of our critical foundation industries and has a long and rich history dating back many years.”

“The message we need to continue to send out is that if the government wants to tackle the big issues of the day, we need a strong steel sector. Whether it’s cost of living, energy security or net-zero, we can’t get to it without investment in steel.”

“The steel industry is not an industry of the past; it is one of the present and it will be of the future.”

Dr David Moore, CEO of BCSA, said: “The constructional steelwork sector is worth about £1.6 billion per year and represents a significant part of the UK economy. It employs about 60,000 people in skilled, well-paid jobs throughout the UK.”

“The event at the House of Commons was an opportunity to bring together representatives from the industry with Members of Parliament to work together to support the UK economy and deliver the government’s hospital, infrastructure, and energy ambitions.”

The event allowed BCSA members to share the work being undertaken to improve steelwork in the UK, with their respective constituent MPs.

The BCSA has aspirations to hold more events in the House of Commons to speak directly with Members of Parliament about the constructional steelwork sector and the issues affecting the industry.

BCSA at the House of Commons 8 June 2022
Jacob Young MP and Dr David Moore, with BCSA Members and their constituent MPs