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Member advice and resources on Covid-19

On this page BCSA members will be able to access the latest information and resources for their business regarding COVID-19 from the BCSA.

Below are memos which have been sent to members regarding COVID-19 to date. Memos have been ordered by topic and date to view all memos please scroll down or click one of the links below.


21st December 2020: Tier 4 Restrictions in England (AMM 321-20)
Commercial: the UK government announced a new tier 4, details of this and the associated restrictions can be found in this AMM.

2nd November 2020: Furlough Scheme Extended (AMM 279-20)
Commercial: the UK government announced new national restrictions which apply from 5th November.

25th September 2020: Chancellor’s Announcement: New Job Support Scheme, Loans and VAT deferral in UK (AMM 242-20)
Commercial: This AMM provided information on the the update by Chancellor Rishi Sunak MP on a number of schemes to support UK businesses affected by the Covid 19 epidemic.

31st July 2020: Redundancy pay and furlough update (AMM 210-20)
Commercial: This AMM provided an update on the Coronavirus pay and furlough scheme and the new legislation coming into force on the 31st July 2020.

9th July 2020: Summer Economic Update (AMM 196-20)
Commercial: This AMM provided information on the Summer Economic Update delivered by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak on the 9th July.

6th July 2020: New Construction Projects (AMM 193-20)
Commercial: This AMM provided information on new construction projects, the information is from “Builders conference’

23rd June 2020: UK VAT Deferral Period is set to end on 30th June (AMM 171-20)
Commercial: The memo contains a reminder of what businesses need to do before then if they have not already taken action.

23rd June 2020: Procurement Policy Notes – Recovery and Transition from Covid 19 (AMM 170-20)
Commercial: The procurement advice guides for the public sector in the UK (including all devolved administrations) and Ireland are linked to in the memo. The Scotland and England notes have recently been updated to cover the recovery and transition phase.

17th June 2020: Trade Credit Insurance Guidance (AMM 167-20)
Commercial: Further guidance recently published by CLC which might be useful to members can be found within this AMM.

16th June 2020: National Infrastructure Pipeline 2020/21 (AMM 166-20)
Commercial: The Government published the National Infrastructure Pipeline 2020/21. The procurement pipeline includes 340 procurement contracts across over 260 projects, programmes and other investments. It also sets out procurements with an estimated contract value of up to £37 billion over the next year. Further information is given in the AMM together with a link to the government website for details of the programme.

10th June 2020: Construction Sites and the Level of Productivity (AMM 160-20)
Commercial:Build UK (the main contract’s trade association) has reported that almost all their members’ sites in England and Wales are now open with 97% of infrastructure and construction sites operating. Further details, including an update on construction sites in Scotland, are given in the attached AMM.

3rd June 2020: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – Wednesday 10th June deadline (AMM 155-20)
HR/Commercial/Employment: Members should be aware that the scheme will close to new entrants from 30th June. From this point onwards, employers will only be able to furlough employees that they have already furloughed for a full three week period prior to 30th June. This means that the final date by which an employer can furlough an employee for the first time will be 10th June, in order for the current three week furlough period to be completed by 30th June. Employers will have until 31st July to make any claims in respect of the period to 30th June. Please see the memo for links to check whether you can claim, and to further information.

3rd June 2020: Roadmap to Recovery(AMM 153-20)
Commercial: On Monday, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) unveiled its recovery plan ‘Roadmap to Recovery’. Details of the ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ are given in the attached AMM together with a link for further information.

3rd June 2020: New Construction Projects(AMM 152-20)
Commercial: This AMM provided information on new construction projects, the information is from “Builders conference’

2nd June 2020: Self Employment Income Support Scheme Extended (AMM 150-20)
HR/Commercial/Employment: The Self Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) opened for applications on 13th May 2020. The scheme will pay cash grants worth 80% of total profits, up to £2,500 per month over a three-month period starting from March 2020. The Chancellor has now announced that a second tranche of grants will be available in August. Further details were included in the AMM.

2nd June 2020: UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Update and returning to work (AMM 149-20)
Employment: The government published new information on the tapering of the Job Retention Scheme up to the end date on 31st October 2020. The memo also contains advice on bringing furlough to an end.

2nd June 2020: CLC People Survey (AMM 148-20)
HR/Commercial/Employment: This AMM included details regarding a survey being conducted by The Construction Leadership Council on the impact of coronavirus to inform the actions under their roadmap to recovery.

28th May 2020: Scotland’s Restart Plan (AMM 139-20)
HR/Commercial/Employment: The First Minister announced on the 28th May 2020 that restrictions over some of our personal and work activities will begin to ease from tomorrow and into next week. One of the specific industry’s she mentioned in beginning to return to work was the construction industry. In the announcement she confirmed that the construction sector will be allowed to implement the first two phases (As below, phases 0 and 1) of its restart plan with a decision to move to ‘phase 2’ of the plan after consulting with government to ensure it is safe to do so in line with public health advice. A copy of the Working on site during the COVID-19 pandemic – Construction Guidance prepared by Construction Scotland can be viewed here.

28th May 2020: Construction Site and the Level of Productivity (AMM 138-20)
Commercial: BuildUK (the main contractors Trade Association) has recently reported the percentage of construction sites open in the UK and the level of output. The details are given in the attached AMM.

22nd May 2020: Scotland’s COVID 19 Route Map (AMM 135-20)
HR/Commercial/Employment: Details of Scotland’s Route Map Through and Out of the COVID Crisis is given in the AMM and linked to below is the 46 page route map. A key date given are that Construction can start to open up for work again after 28th May.

Covid-19 framework decision-making Scotlands Route Map

20th May 2020: Construction Sites (AMM 132-20)
Commercial: BuildUK has released information on the percentage of construction sites open in England, Wales and Scotland with the average level of output on these construction sites. The AMM gave the details together with the percentage of main contractor workforce that have been furloughed.

18th May 2020: New Construction Projects(AMM 130-20)
Commercial: This AMM provided information on new construction projects, the information is from “Builder’

18th May 2020: UK Trade Credit Insurance (AMM 129-20)
Commercial: The UK government announced it will temporarily guarantee business-to-business transactions currently supported by Trade Credit Insurance. Please see the memo for further details.

12th May 2020: UK Job Retention (Furlough) Scheme Extended to 31 October 2020 (AMM 125-20)
HR/Commercial: This AMM contained further information on the Chancellor’s announcement regarding the extension of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

11th May 2020: Roadmap to Restarting the Economy (AMM 122-20)
HR/Commercial: This AMM contains information on the Prime Minster’s Roadmap to Restarting the Economy and a link to the guidance published earlier today, the ‘working safely’ guidance documents to be published by the Government in the next couple of days and an update on the Job Retention Scheme.

7th May 2020: Construction Sites Open and The Level of Productivity (AMM 119-20)
HR/Commercial: BuildUK has carried out a survey of its Main Contractor members to identify how many major construction sites are open in England, Wales and Scotland and the levels of productivity that is being achieved. Details of the survey were attached to this AMM.

6th May 2020: Bounce Back and CBILS Loans Update (AMM 118-20)
HR/Commercial: The memo provided further clarification, advice and guidance on the loans which are part of the UK Government’s schemes to assist businesses affected by Covid-19.

2nd May 2020: Irish Government Publishes Roadmap to Reopen (AMM 110-20)
HR/Commercial: On Friday the Irish Government published a roadmap to reopen Irelands economy and society. this is a phased return with new measures relaxed every three weeks.

1st May 2020: Accommodation at Construction Sites (AMM 108-20)
HR/Commercial: This AMM provided an update from BuildUK on accommodation at construction sites.

30th April 2020: New Construction Projects and Construction Sites (AMM 107-20)
HR/Commercial: This AMM summaries the number and value of projects that have been awarded during the five week lock down period in comparison to the previous five week period. The AMM also gives the percentage of BuildUK members construction sites that are open and the average level of productivity achieved.

28th April 2020: New 100% Government Backed Loan Scheme (AMM 105-20)
HR/Commercial: This AMM contained information on  a new Bounce Back Loans Scheme which will allow small businesses to borrow between £2,000 and £50,000 and get the money within days. These loans will be interest free for the first 12 months and from Monday 4th May 2020 businesses will be able to apply for these loans online by completing a short and simple form.

23rd April 2020: Additional Questions and Answers following BCSA Webinar on COVID-19 (AMM 102-20)
HR/Commercial: This AMM contained the outstanding questions and answers from the COVID-19 Essential Update webinar which took place on the 9th April 2020.

23rd April 2020: Companies Struggling to Access Government Support (AMM 101-20)
Commercial: The Treasury has asked for case studies of companies that are struggling to access the Government’s financial support packages.

20th April 2020: CICV Forum Guidance (AMM 100-20)
HR/Commercial: The attached AMM has the details and link to the Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum web site which contains the below guidance for the use of the HMRC Portal to claim for the Job Retention Scheme.

CICV Guidance

18th April 2020: Step by Step Guide to Claim Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (AMM 97-20)
HR/Commercial: The attached AMM gives more details on the step by step guide to claim the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) funds.

17th April 2020: Job Retention Scheme – Extended to the End of June 2020 (AMM 96-20)
HR/Commercial: The Chancellor has extended the Job Retention Scheme by one month to the end of June 2020. This AMM provides a link for further information.

17th April 2020: Job Retention Scheme – Get Ready to Claim (AMM 95-20)
HR/Commercial: The online claim portal for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will be open on GOV.UK on Monday 20th April 2020 after which it will be open 24hrs a day. Any firm with a UK payroll can apply. This memo lists the information that BCSA members will need to make a claim.

16th April 2020: BCSA Webinar COVID-19 Essential Update: Event Write up (AMM 94-20)
HR/Commercial: This AMM contained a write up of the BCSA Webinar: COVID-19 Essential Update and following Q&A which took place on the 9th April 2020.

16th April 2020: Construction Industry Task Force Survey (AMM 93-20)
HR/Commercial: A Task Group under the auspices of ‘The Construction Industry Task Force’ has prepared a short survey to anonymously capture feedback on the experiences that businesses are having in trying to access support provided by HMG. A link for the survey is given in this memo.

15th April 2020: Furlough Scheme Extended (AMM 92-20)
HR/Commercial: This memo contained information regarding the Government Furlough Scheme being extended.

15th April 2020: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Update (AMM 91-20)
HR/Commercial: This Memo gives the latest details of the HMRC plans to open the online Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme on Monday 20th April. It is anticipated that the portal will be available 24 hours a day.

30th March 2020: Coronavirus – Further Updates in Government’s Support for Business (AMM 64/66-20)
HR/Commercial: This memo provides updated information for members on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance, information and announcements made by Government on the support for businesses.

30th March 2020: Furlough Leave Letter – Job retention scheme
HR/Commercial: BCSA Members were provided a template letter with explanatory footnotes (in .pdf and Word) intended for employers to adapt and send to employees.

30th March 2020: Job Retention Scheme (AMM 63-20)
HR/Commercial: This memo sets out further details of  ‘Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’ including information on; eligibility, benefit, who can claim, guidance on furloughing employees, calculations for payment, what you need to make a claim from HMRC and what to do after you’ve made a claim.

27th March 2020: Covid 19: Further UK Government Assistance for Business (AMM 62-20)
HR/Commercial: This memo provided BCSA Members with further advice on the furlough scheme, self-employed workers and VAT deferral.

19th March 2020: COVID-19: Measures to protect your business (AMM 53-20) 
Commercial/HR/Employment: Various information, guidance and resources including; Build UK Helplines and Assistance, UK Government Assist (Small Business Grant Scheme and Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme), BEIS Helpline, ACAS Webinars for Employers and  additionally provided links to advice for Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

12th March 2020: COVID-19: Advice for Employers and Employees  (AMM 49-20) 
HR/Employment: Advice on spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK and Ireland.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

22nd July 2021 (AMM 167-21)
Below is a link to the updated rules on self-isolation from the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) which was published 21st July 2021.

Construction Leadership Council – Update on rules of self-isolation 21 July 2021

15th July 2021 (AMM 164-21)
The Prime Minister has confirmed that the move to Step 4 of the COVID‐19 Roadmap will go ahead next Monday 19 July. The majority of restrictions including social distancing will end and people will no longer be required to work from home; however, the Government is emphasising that the pandemic is not over and people should exercise caution and take personal responsibility. Further information from BCSA can be found in the attached memo and links below.

CLC Statement 15 July 2021 Site Operating Procedures Lifting of Restrictions Statement
The Use of Face Coverings in Construction during Coronavirus Version 3

2nd June 2021: COVID 19 Unfair Dismissal Dismissed (AMM 131-21)
A recent case saw an employee claim unfair dismissal after he refused to return to work over safety concerns of his workplace and COVID-19. Further information can be found in the attached memo.

16th April 2021: Facemask Dismissal Ruling  (AMM 97-21)
A lorry driver who was sacked after refusing to wear a facemask inside his cab on a client’s site was fairly dismissed, a judge has ruled. The case is believed to be the first time a tribunal has ruled on facemask refusal. Further information can be found in the attached memo.

28th January 2021: COVID Testing at Company Premises (AMM 30-21)
The Government is rolling out on-site COVID testing for all companies in England that employ over 50 people for staff that cannot work at home. Further details can be found within the attached AMM and via the link below.

Annex Introduction to LFD Testing in the Workplace 11 January 2021

15th January 2021: Transport for London (AMM 17-21)
The Secretary of State for Transport and Transport for London has issued an urgent letter concerning the use of public transport in London. There is significant pressure on the public transport network in London and the Government is looking at options for reducing the number of passengers at peak times.

15th January 2021: Asymptomatic  Testing Programme (AMM 16-21)
Confirmation that the Local Authorities (LA’s) are carrying out Lateral Flow Testing of people that cannot work from home. Further details are within the AMM.

11th January 2021: COVID Tests for Hauliers Travelling to France  (AMM 11-21)
The government is writing to ask for your assistance in ensuring that hauliers can move steadily across the border. The requirement for hauliers planning to cross the Channel to get a negative Covid-19 test before travelling to Kent or other Channel crossing points is set to continue. Further details are within the AMM.

Minister Scully Letter to Business on Covid Testing for Hauliers 11 January 2021

7th January 2021: CLC Site Operating Procedure 7  (AMM 7-21)
The Site Operating Procedures have been updated to reflect recent changes in Government guidance. Whilst there are no significant changes to social distancing requirements on sites, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has taken the opportunity to streamline the Site Operating Procedures whilst maintaining the familiar format.

Site Operating Procedures Version 7
What to do it a worker has COVID-19 or has to self isolate

5th January 2021: Latest Lockdown Rules  (AMM 5-21)
An update on the key points of the latest ‘work related’ lockdown rules announce by the UK Government are given noted in this AMM.

11th December 2020: Covid Self Isolation Rule Change  (AMM 315-20)
Self-isolation for contacts of people with confirmed coronavirus will be shortened from 14 to 10 days across the UK further details can be found in the above AMM.

10th December 2020: Covid Mask for Task Poster (AMM 313-20)
Below is a poster published by the CICV Forum which outlines what type of mask or face covering to wear in which situation, how to wear it properly and how to look after it when not in use.
This poster and more useful guidance including the links to webinars are available from the CICV website:

CCIV Facemask Poster

24th November 2020: Covid protection levels Scotland (AMM 299-20)
Health and Safety: The Scottish Government’s Covid Protection Levels campaign has been updated to reflect the new travel regulations for Levels 3 and 4 – these came into force on Friday 20th November at 6pm. Further details are in the attached AMM.

12th November 2020: Reporting COVID 19 Cases (AMM 287-20)
Health and Safety: Guidance issued by the Department of Health and Social Care on the management of COVID-19 outbreaks says that an employer must report to Public Health England (PHE) when they have more than one confirmed COVID 19 case reported to them by their employees. Further details are in the attached AMM.

2nd November 2020: Government COVID-19 Restrictions (AMM 275-20)
Health and Safety: To help contain the virus in England, everyone who can work effectively from home must do so. Where people cannot do so (for instance people who work in critical national infrastructure, construction or manufacturing) they should continue to travel to work/attend their workplace. This is essential to keeping the country operating and supporting vital sectors and employers. Further details in the attached AMM.

13th October 2020: Health and Safety Executive Covid 19 Spot Check calls (AMM 267-20)
Health and Safety:HSE is reminding all businesses that they may receive a call to check they’re COVID-secure. Further details in the attached AMM.

9th October 2020: Build UK Covid-19 Flowchart (AMM 263-20)
Health and Safety: Build UK has published an easy to follow flowchart on the actions a company or site should take if a worker develops COVID‐19 symptoms, receives a positive test result, or has to self‐isolate due to NHS Test and Trace or a member of their household or support bubble showing symptoms or testing positive.

What to do if a worker has COVID 19 or has to self-isolate 

14th August 2020: The use of face Coverings in Construction (AMM 219-20)
Health and Safety: This AMM links to new guidance on face coverings issued by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC).

16th July 2020: COVID 19 Test and Trace Good Practice (AMM 200-20)
Health and Safety: This AMM provided members of details regarding the Governments track and trace and best practice.

1st July 2020: COVID Workplace Guidance – Vehicles (AMM 186-20)
Health and Safety: Following earlier AMM’s on workplace guidance please find attached the government other workplace guidance, the Working Safely During Covid-19 is:

They along with others can also be found on the web link:

Please use this link to check for any updates or additional guidance that may also be added by the government.

1st July 2020: COVID Workplace Guidance(AMM 184/185-20)
Health and Safety: Following AMM 180-20 workplace guidance – Construction & outdoors please find attached the government other workplace guidance, the Working Safely During Covid-19 are:

They along with others can also be found on the web link:

Please use this link to check for any updates or additional guidance that may also be added by the government.

1st July 2020: CLC Site Operating Procedure V5 (AMM 181-20)
Health and Safety: The Site Operating Procedures have been updated by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) to reflect the latest Government guidance following the easing of lockdown measures in England from Saturday 4 July.

Site Operating Procedures – Version 5

1st July 2020: COVID and Construction Working (AMM 180-20)
Health and Safety:The government has updated the Safe working guidance for construction work and outdoor working with the new ‘one metre plus’ social distancing changes. However it is understood that most sites are going to continue with the 2 metre rule that is already established.
The guidance is attached and can also be downloaded from:

Working safely during coronavirus ‐ Construction and other outdoor work

26th June 2020: Non Road Vehicle Emissions (AMM 176-20)
Health and Safety: Two new Be Selfish Be Safe themes were attached and linked to below, they focus on Social distancing and due to the different rules in the devolved nations there are two versions for use in the appropriate location.

BSBS – 42 Social Distancing England
BSBS – 43 Social Distancing

19th June 2020: Non Road Vehicle Emissions (AMM 168-20)
Health and Safety:This AMM provided an update to members on London’s “Low emission zone” for non-road mobile machinery.

11th June 2020: Safety Alert – Use of Face Masks Designated KN95 (AMM 163-20)
Health and Safety:The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a safety alert on a substantial number of face masks, claiming to be of KN95 standards, provide an inadequate level of protection and are likely to be poor quality products accompanied by fake or fraudulent paperwork.

HSE Website 

11th June 2020: Scotlands Return to Work Plan (AMM 161-20)
Health and Safety: The First Minister for Scotland has announced that the next Phase of the return to work plan in Scotland can commence, more details are in the attached AMM.

28th May 2020: Contact Tracing Plans (AMM 140 -20)
Health and Safety:The Devolved Governments and Ireland have issued information on their Contact tracing Plans, the details of each are linked to below.

Contact Tracing – England
Contact Tracing – Ireland
Contact Tracing – Northern Ireland
Contact Tracing –  Wales
Contact Tracing –  Scotland

19th May 2020: CLC Site Operating procedure v4(AMM 131-20)
Health and Safety:The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published version 4 of the Site Operating Procedure (SOP) and a range of checklists further information on both are with the link below and attached memo.

Site Operating Procedures Version 4 Published

15th May 2020: COVID Working Safely Short Guide (AMM 127-20)
Health and Safety: This AMM provided links to the Health and Safety Executive’s short guide to working safely during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak a short guide

12th May 2020: COVID-19 Government Workplace Guidance (AMM 124-20)
Health and Safety: This AMM provided links to Government’s COVID19 Government Workplace Guidance. The guidance for; Construction – Outdoors and Factories, Plants and Warehouses were attached to AMM. BCSA members are provided the link below to access updates and other relevant guidance including; offices, contact centres and vehicles.

Link to Workplace Guidance

29th April 2020: COVID – 19 Testing (AMM 106-20)
Health and Safety: The government, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced on the 28th April that: “From construction workers to emergency plumbers, from research scientists to those in manufacturing, the expansion of access to testing will protect the most vulnerable and help keep people safe.” Those eligible are anyone that has to leave their home to go to work and have the coronavirus symptoms can book a test through the link below:

Link to testing website

15th April 2020: Site Operating Procedure V3 (AMM 89-20)
Health and Safety:The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has published version 3 of the Site Operating Procedure (SOP). The SOP v3 can be downloaded from the link below:

Site Operating Procedures Version 3 Published

14th April 2020: Video On Social Distancing Rules (AMM 83-20)
Health and Safety: The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has produced a video (5 minutes long) on how the social distancing rules should be applied to construction sites.

CLC Social Distancing Rules – video (YouTube)

8th April 2020: RIDDOR and COVID-19 (AMM 80-20)
Health and Safety:The Health and Safety Executive have issued guidance on how to report under the Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) during COVID-19. The memo included guidance of when a report under RIDDOR should be made.  Further detail of how and what to report are given in the web link below:

HSE Website 

8th April 2020: Construction leadership Council Guides (AMM 79-20)
Health and Safety: This AMM provided links and  detail regarding further guidance from The Construction Leadership Council for managing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below are links to the Government website and the three specific guides for our industry.

.GOV Website: Social distancing in the workplace during coronavirus (COVID‐19) 
Construction Leadership Council Guidance: Construction
Construction Leadership Council Guidance: Manufacturing and processing businesses
Construction Leadership Council Guidance: Use of private vehicles and car pooling

2nd April 2020: Health and Safety Executive Guidance for COVID-19 (AMM 75-20)
Health and Safety: This AMM contained information and guidance from the Health and Safety Executive who have published some guidance for managing COVID-19 in the workplace. The AMM included the following attachments.

HSE Regulating during COVID-19
Social Distancing at Work during COVID-19
First Aid Cover during COVID-19

1st April 2020: Business Secretary Letter (AMM 69-20)
This AMM include a letter released by The Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy confirming that construction and its supply chain is delivering for the nation and should continue to operate. It also highlighted the Duty Holders Responsibilities under CDM and HASAWA to provide a safe place  and systems of work. Further  information and details are included with the AMM and attached documentation below.

Secretary of State Letter to UK Construction Industry
CDM 2015 Principal Contractors

27th March 2020: Safe Site Handover Certificate and COVID-19 (AMM 61-20)
Health and Safety: The Safe Site Handover Certificate (SSHC) has been revised to help Members identify where the Principal / Main Contractors are managing their sites to ensure the health and safety systems are in place to meet the guidelines from Public Health England for self distancing and hygiene.

SSHC Revision March 2020 COVID -19

26th March 2020: Construction Work and COVID-19 (AMM 60-20)
Health and Safety: BCSA is now asking for the construction industry leaders to take a look at whether or not they are able to comply with the social distancing rules.

24th March 2020: Non Essential Construction Sites (AMM 59-20)
Health and Safety: This update contained a press update from Building Magazine on the latest news on the possible closure of non-essential construction sites.

24th March 2020: Government Working on Restrictions (AMM 56/57-20)
Health and Safety: Update on recent statements from the Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Scottish First Minister. The memo also contained a site operating procedure document that is to be adopted for those still at work from the Construction Leadership Council.

23rd March 2020: Sample Risk Assessments COVID-19 (AMM 55-20)
Health and Safety: In this memo BCSA provided two sample risk assessments for COVID-19 which had been drafted to assist members  regarding what they might need to consider for those working in the office environment and those in the factory/workshops.

COVID-19- Risk Assessment-Sample March 2020 Office Working
COVID-19- Risk Assessment-Sample March 2020 Factory Working

23rd March 2020: CSCS Cards and COVID-19 (AMM 54-20)
Health and Safety: This memo contained the latest information from CSCS about the difficulties expected for those needing to apply for a new card or those needing to renew existing cards.

5th March 2020:  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (AMM 43-20)
Health and Safety: An update from BCSA activities in light of  COVID-19 and the latest government guidance.

COVID-19: Impact on CSCS Cards

Legal and Contracts

Legal and Contracts     

24th March: UPDATE COVID-19 Contractual Advice: Irish and international contracts (AMM 58-20)
Legal and Contracts: This memo gives an update on advice on reviewing existing and new contracts in the light of the spread of coronavirus. It includes an article from a Dublin law firm; Arthur Cox, Niav O’Higgins, who is the contact for the BCSA Republic of Ireland Law Helpline.

12th March 2020: COVID-19 Contractual Advice (AMM 50-20)
Legal and Contracts: This memo gives advice on reviewing existing and new contracts in the light of the spread of COVID-19.


14th April 2020: COVID-19 Information Links (AMM 88-20)
General: The memo includes a number of links to articles published on the latest information relating to COVID-19, some of these are specific to Scotland.

14th April 2020: Coronavirus: New Business Hub on GOV.UK (AMM 86-20)
General: This memo contained an update from The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy regarding where to find online resources detailing support for businesses. Below is a link to the New Business Hub.

17th March 2020: BCSA Forthcoming Meetings (AMM 52-20)
Membership: This memo informed members that BCSA would be cancelling its regional meetings in June. Individual E Mails were also sent notifying members of cancellations to committee and working group meeting in March, April and May 2020.