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BCSA has been representing the UK structural steelwork sector for over a century

As a member of BCSA your organisation will receive value from a structured benefits offering, and additionally from the work BCSA undertakes for and on behalf of its members. BCSA has three categories of membership; Steelwork Contractors (Buildings and Bridgeworks), Industry members and Corporate members.

As a member of BCSA your organisation will receive value from:

A structured benefit offering

The work BCSA undertakes for and on behalf of its members

Access to the wider structural steelwork sector

Tailored advice and support for your business from BCSA’s expert team

Five reasons why you should join the BCSA/RQSC if you are a steelwork contractor

Good clients select from the membership lists

A good Client is one who gives your company an order, but before that you have to get on the tender list.

Increasingly clients are relying on the BCSA to assist them with their pre-qualification process. Your next opportunity could come from a Client who uses the list.

Because you want to receive good enquiries

Getting enquiries is easy. Getting good enquiries is the art.

Being on the BCSA/RQSC membership list ensures that the special skills of your company are widely publicised, and that means you should not receive unsuitable enquiries.

Because you want to be measured against the best

Quite possibly you believe that your company is the best in its field – as competent and competitive as any others.

That belief needs promoting and the BCSA/RQSC provides the opportunity backed up by assessment visits from an experienced professional.

Because you believe in fair competition

It is rare to find a company that does not want a level playing field – as the opportunity to play on one sloping your way only lasts for half the match!

However, fair competition is as much about the other competitors as it is about the playing field.

Being a BCSA/RQSC member enables Clients to select tender lists of similarly qualified companies. This gives your company the chance to show its potential against proper competition.

Because you need to demonstrate competence

As an employer, you must ensure that any individual performing a task on your behalf has the competence to do so without putting the health and safety of themselves or others at significant risk.

The BCSA/RQSC membership list is a means of providing Clients with prima facie evidence of your company’s special and general skills in steel construction, and a measure of the resources available to the company to undertake steelwork contracts.

In short, being a BCSA/RQSC member is a demonstration of a company’s competence.

What BCSA does for its Members

Drives constructional steel as the material of choice in the UK and Ireland

Promotes the capabilities of its members to specifiers, main contractors and clients

Provides members with expert specialist professional advice and support

Represents member interests and lobbies Government and industry on key sector issues

Brings members together through regular meetings and groups to discuss and tackle matters of common interest

Organises seminars, webinars and courses tailored to your needs

Keeps you up to date with technical advances and best practice

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Lorraine MacKinder

Membership Manager


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