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Model Specification for the Purchase of Structural Bolting Assemblies

The third edition of the model specification for the purchase of structural bolting assemblies and holding down bolts for constructional steelwork is hereby issued to members.  It should be used in conjunction with the National Structural Steelwork Specification for Buildings (7th edition; NSSS7)  and the Steel Bridge Group: Model Project Specification for the Execution of Steelwork in Bridge Structures. Moreover, National Highways Sector Scheme 3 (NHSS3) is a requirement of both NSSS7 and the model specification for manufacturers, importers, suppliers, and distributors of structural fasteners.  The third edition has been prepared with the aim of bringing the model specification up to date and  there have been several important technical updates to the latest revision of the model specification.

It is intended that members will require their suppliers of structural fasteners to sign and return the model specification and in turn acceptance of structural fasteners from a supplier is conditional on the supplier complying with the full requirements of the model specification.

A copy of the revised model specification is attached and if anyone has any questions, please contact Tom Cosgrove.

Thomas Cosgrove,  Manager Fabrication & Welding

 Mobile: +44 (0) 7525 986700     Email: