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Non Road Vehicle Emissions

Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) is a broad category which includes mobile machines, and transportable industrial equipment or vehicles which are fitted with an internal combustion engine and not intended for transporting goods or passengers on roads.

In a similar way to the Ultra Low Emission Zone the NRMM Low Emission Zone requires that all engines with a power rating between 37 kW and 560 kW meet an emission standard based on the engine emission “stage”.  

It is recognised that COIVD-19 has caused disruptions to construction sites and to supply chains. This could make it more difficult for construction and hire companies to prepare for the new NRMM Low Emission Zone standards which come into effect in September 2020.

In response, they are introducing a ‘time limited’ exemption from the new standards for a period of six months between the 1 September 2020 and the 28 February 2021. For more details please go to the web site:

Peter Walker

BCSA Director, Health, Safety and Training