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Safety & Health Engineering Partnership Survey

The Safety & Health Engineering Partnership (SHEP) in partnership with Filtermist Systems Limited, is keen to find out if the experiences of the last year have changed the engineering community’s wider understanding of the importance of ensuring workplace air is clean and safe to breathe.

They have compiled an online survey consisting of 15 questions, most of which are a yes/no answer, and have asked BCSA to share the link with its members.

This survey is completely anonymous – the results will be used by SHEP to gain an understanding of the impact of the pandemic on the issue of air quality in industrial workplaces, and to inform future SHEP priorities and activities.

The results will also be used in a media campaign to promote the importance of good practice when it comes to creating safe and clean workspaces.

The link to the survey: – thank you in advance for your support.

BCSA is a member of SHEP and any follow up results or reports from the survey will be shared with the members.

Peter Walker

BCSA Director Health, Safety and Training