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State of Trade All Regional Meetings September 2022

Members will be aware that at BCSA Regional Meetings, state of trade graphs are circulated for that region, based on returns from individual member companies. At a recent meeting, members requested the collated results for the UK and Ireland. The collated graph updated in September 2022 is attached to this memo.

Please note that:
– The regions included are Midland / Southern / Northern, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, plus the National Steelwork Contractors Group returns
– The graph is for steelwork contractors only
– The returns received quarter to quarter are not necessarily from the same member companies – not all member companies submit their state of trade every quarter

For these reasons, the graph should be used for indicative purposes only.

Lorraine MacKinder
BCSA Membership Manager

Tel: 020 7747 8121 (direct line)
Mobile: 07394561099

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