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New Release: Model specification for the purchase of reclaimed steel sections

Steel reuse is an important demand-side reduction measure under the circular economy strategy within the BCSA 2050 decarbonisation roadmap published last year. So, with this in mind, coupled with the increasing awareness of the benefits of reusing structural steel, sees a growing demand for advice and information how to approach this – in terms of technical details, design and procurement.

Many technical questions for steel produced since 1970 were answered in the SCI reuse protocol (SCI P427). Work is underway to extend this guidance to older steelwork.

Different procurement approaches are required to facilitate steel reuse. To assist with this, BCSA has developed a new Model specification for the purchase of reclaimed steel sections. This specification should be used in conjunction with Annex J – Sustainability Specification of the National Structural Steelwork Specification for Buildings (NSSS), BCSA Pub. No. 65/22.

The model specification applies to suppliers of steel products placed on the market as reclaimed structural steel sections for the fabrication of structural steelwork. It applies to the contract between the stockholder (the supplier) and the steelwork contractor (the purchaser). The supplier should comply with the requirements of this specification unless otherwise agreed with the purchaser.

This is an area of business which is still evolving; the reclamation and reuse of structural steelwork, yet already showing compelling benefits in relation to the environment and costs.

BCSA Model specification for the purchase of reclaimed steel sections

Reclaimed (right) and re-fabricated steel sections (left) – Images courtesy of Cleveland Steel and Tube



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