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Historical Structural Iron and Steel Sections (PDF)



“Historical Structural Iron and Steel Sections – Properties of historical cast iron, wrought iron and steel sections” was originally published in 1984 and has been one of the books to go to for those tasked with inspecting, investigating and assessing historical metallic structures for 35 years.

Written by Dr David Gent “Historic Structural Iron and Steel Section” builds upon and adds to the original publication. It brings together in one easy to read publication information that up to now has only been available through a variety of historical documents that few engineers have access to or are able to locate, and will be invaluable in assisting investigations to determine the:

• probable material (i.e. cast iron, wrought iron or steel)
• technical properties of the different members
• origin of the members
• strength of the material from which the members were made

Table of Contents