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Joints in Steel Construction – Simple Joints to Eurocode 3 (Book)


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This Eurocode version of the design guide for simple connections provides guidance for nominally pinned joints that primarily carry vertical shear designed in accordance with Eurocode 3 and its UK National Annex. This publication is cited in the UK National Annex and joints designed in accordance with the principles of this publication can be classified as nominally pinned without further calculation.

In comparison with the BS 5950 version of this publication (P212) the major changes in scope are:

1) Double angle cleats are omitted from the Eurocode publication, as it was felt they are not commonly used in the UK.

2) A new full depth end plate (ie: welded to both flanges) has been introduced, which offers a significantly increased tying resistance compared to a partial depth end plate.

3) The tying resistance of partial depth end plates is calculated using Eurocode provisions. The revised design model results in an increased tying resistance compared with the BS 5950 version.

ISBN: 978 1 85 942201 4

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