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Health and Safety

Sharing experience and knowledge to ensure good working practices and reduce health and safety incidents

BCSA has an active health and safety programme covering topics that are affecting the steel construction industry. Member companies are provided with valuable information regarding what is current best practice and opportunities to share from learning events.

Members pool their collective years of experience towards developing solutions to the day-to-day problems that are experienced. This collective action is reflected in the industry’s health and safety performance which has improved significantly over recent years, thereby supporting the wider construction industry’s and the Health and Safety Executive’s targets.

This health and safety resource section covers the key issues that are being addressed by the industry.


Advisory Service

Peter Walker

Health, Safety & Training Director


Peter Walker

Health, Safety & Training Director

Pete’s role is to provide members with health, safety and training advice, and to keep them up to date with current Regulations and guidance. He works with other Trade Associations and the Health and Safety Executive on the changes in current good working practices. He works with these other bodies to establish common areas of health and safety concern.

Specialist areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Training
  • Behavioural Safety
  • Human Resources / Employment