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Steel Construction Sustainability Charter Updated

BCSA has updated its Steel Construction Sustainability Charter and continues to play its part in supporting the wider construction sector in responding to the climate emergency. The aim of the Charter is to further advance steel as a sustainable form of construction in terms of carbon reduction, reuse and efficiency, economic viability, social progress and environmental responsibility.

“The Charter has increased from 12 to 15 requirements and the new requirements address issues related to; procuring a percentage of steel from decarbonised routes, optimising sustainability through design and finally demonstrating innovation towards sustainability for example by; reusing steel construction products, making buildings more demountable and on site/factory innovations relating to process optimisation” said BCSA Chief Executive Officer, Dr David Moore

The updated Charter is now a points-based system and BCSA has produced a sustainability toolkit for its member companies, which contains sample policies and statements along with guidance that can be adapted to help them achieve the requirements of the Charter.

There are 4 levels of certification:

  1. Gold: Minimum of 28 points
  2. Silver: Minimum 21 points
  3. Bronze: Minimum 14 points
  4. Certificate: Minimum 8 points

“The Charter was first launched in 2005 and at the time BCSA was the first trade association to establish a Sustainability Charter for its members. This update and strengthening of the Charter will help drive the steel construction sector on its route to zero carbon.” said Dr Moore .

To find out more about the Charter and BCSA member companies who are certified to the Charter visit our Sustainability Charter page.