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COVID Protection Levels Scotland

 The Scottish Government’s Covid Protection Levels campaign has been updated to reflect the new travel regulations for Levels 3 and 4 – these came into force on Friday 20th November at 6pm.

The travel regulations messaging is targeted at all adults across Scotland, and will run from 20th November – 2nd December on Radio, OOH, Digital and stakeholder channels running alongside the Covid Protection Levels campaign.

Ø  View the Travel Restriction Level 3 and 4 20 sec digital ad here

Ø  Download All Stakeholder Assets via WeTransfer Here

Also, as reminder, here are the links to the summary guidance for reference:

All Levels Guidance

Ø  Summary Guidance Table for All Covid Protection Levels

Individual Levels Guidance Posters:

Ø  Level 0 Protection Measures

Ø  Level 1 Protection Measures

Ø  Level 2 Protection Measures

Ø  Level 3 Protection Measures

Ø  Level 4 Protection Measures

Peter Walker

BCSA Director Health, Safety and Training